can i take that back?

today was sunday.  sunday means we dont watch normal tv shows, but only watch movies and sporting events.  today was a combination of australian open and total recall.  ever seen total recall?  its a typically 80's this-is-what-the-future-will-be-like movie.  my only comment: i hate schwartzenegger. anyways, if you have seen it, remember the part when he is told to put this thing up his nose and out come a tracking device?  

at this point in the movie, this conversation ensued:

brian: oo a tracking beacon.
me, correcting him: a beaker.
after a short pause...
me: did i just say beaker?
brian, laughing: yes you did.  thats a little different than a beacon.  and you thought you were so right.
me: shut up.
brian, singing to himself: my wife is a little bit handiiiiiii.....

no wonder my grades werent so up to snuff this semester.

sleep, interrupted

i am a very light sleeper.  brian is not.  but ive gotten used to him in the bed so i dont usually wake up unless something weird happens.  such as last night.

me, slightly concerned: did you hear that really loud noise?
brian, slightly irritated: yes, it was me.
me: what were you doing?
brian: ...ill tell you later.

a few minutes later: bang!
me, groggily: brian, stop it.

in the morning...
brian: so i had a dream last night that i was playing baseball.  i stretched out to catch a ball. i must have hit the wall with my arm.
me, laughing:  so thats why you felt the need to punch the wall?  because you were playing baseball in our bed?
brian, grumpily: if it wasnt for the wall, i would have caught the ball too.
me: did you try to catch it again later?
brian: no i was reaching for my alarm clack but the wall the closer to me than usual. stupid wall.

wait, im not sick of you yet?

today is our anniversary. 

2 years. 

ALREADY?!  i have no idea how that went so fast

but i love this boy :)

winken, blinken, and nod

our nighttime rituals are kinda normal.
brush our teeths, read scriptures, say prayers...
but nothing with brian is totally normal.  take last night for example...

brian: you are a little scoop of ice cream.
me: are you calling me fat?
brian: no you are a little scoop of sweet goodness...STOP POKING ME!

a few minutes later...
brian farted under the blanket
me, ripping the blanket off of him: ew!!  you are banned from the blanket!
brian, ripping the blanket back, clearly distressed: no!  thats not fair, i pooped today!  (i guess thats supposed to be a mitigating circumstance?)

a few minutes later...
me: honey, are you gonna read first, or just go to sleep?
brian: mmmm...i dunno.  let me grab my book and the mark where i got bored.

a few minutes later...
brian, cuddling me: you know whats funny?  the light is off but you are STILL talking!

nevermind.  our nighttime rituals are weird.

my friday night

my little brothers (ok fine, my little brothers in law, but who is counting?) have CoD black ops and brian has been dying to go over there and play it ever since he got a little taste of it last week.  right now i am sitting between bri and another brother of mine, mike, while they play black ops.  both boys are yelling at the tv because they keep dying, and it is resulting in some funny things...

brian: GAH!  i just shot him in the crotch like a 100 times! why didnt he die??? ANYONE would die after getting shot in the crotch.


brian: i killed something!


brian: ha! i had more kills than you...HA!


mike: there are pictures of fake people everywhere?? thats stupid.


mike: im just gonna sit here and stab someone in the knee cap...


mike: this is why i like being on the headphones.  so i can tell them how nerdy they are.
brian: yeah, so when they are like, he he he, i killed you, i can be like, haha...YOU ARE LAME!


brian: i suck so bad at this.  freaking nerds.


mike, talking to his little bro: you can take the tv from my room and watch it in there...
me: you have the headset on? can they hear you?
mike: yeah.
me: haha, have they said anything about your random conversation?
mike: nope, im the only one with a headset so i can say whatever i want.
me: and they just have to listen to you?
mike: haha yup. ::in a deep voice:: honey, do you want a blanket? honey stop biting my butt cheek...


have you seen this commercial? it is ridiculous. lets have a snuggie dance party, right? do you see the title? the SNUGARENA?! how cheese ball.

anyways, watch the commercial. at the end, the guy shows the camera a snuggie center fold. you cant blame brian for this:

brian: what? SNUGGIE PORN?!


the giants won the world series!!!

NOONE is happier than brian right now.  
ok, im a close second.  
YAY GIANTS!!!! we are so proud of you guys!